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Our Trusted Partners

Only The Best For Our Clients

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Our Partners

Our Trusted Sources

We know it's hard to search out and locate trustworthy sources for all-natural supplements, supplies, bio-hacking tools and nutritious snacks. 

Don't worry! We've got you covered!

We have located some of the best sources for supplements, gear, and nutrition and asked them to be kind to our clients with wonderful discounts!

No codes, just use our links and enjoy savings. Easy!




Bfit&well is Anchorage's premier mature fitness center and Ms. Bonnie Murphy is the best Functional Fitness instructor anyone could ask for!

Whether you're just out of physical therapy or you'd like to stay in shape this is the go-to place for mature Alaskans.

Bonnie has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and more heart than you can shake a stick at, you are sure to get fit and well!

Check Bfit&well out here!

Alaska Alternative Medicine

Dr. Sandra Denton

Our wonderful leader and an amazing woman!

Dr. Sandra Denton has been in medicine for over 30 years  she obtained a traditional  Medical Degree in 1971.

 However, after working in an E.R. for 13 years she just knew there had to be a better way!

Dr. Denton decided to specialize in Alternative Medicine in 1985 and became, a "Medical Detective". She spends hours and sometimes days going over a client's records to see what was missed!

If it can be found, Dr. Denton will find it!

We don't have enough words  to say how wonderful and dedicated she is!

Experience True Care With Dr. Sandra Denton Here.

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We Promised Cool Devices

Synergy Science's mission is to develop products that empower individuals to live a healthy life, unrestricted by health issues, allowing them to fulfill their potential and experience peace,

confidence, and joy. Synergy Science accomplishes this by producing powerful solutions that support the body’s ability to improve gut health, and reduce oxidative stress.

Can you say Hydrogen Water!!!

So...really cool Bio-Hacking tools to protect you! We're huge fans!!

Click to see Cool Synergy Science Equipment Here!

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Sleeping Mats That Heal While You Sleep!

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF mats are the latest technology in blocking and repairing damage cause by EMF and environmental radicals. The Healthy Wave 5-Therapy Multi-Wave PEMF mat allows you to change nearly every aspect of the PEMF to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a rejuvenation while you sleep or to repair oxidation. These mats are incredible!

Click here to see all of the possibilities!

My Daily Choice

So Many Options!

From CBD products, Clean Cosmetics, weight loss supplements, fuel additives to nutritional supplements, My Daily Choice is watching out for your health and the planet's future!

There are so many options we can't even begin to address them here!

Take your Healing Journey to the next level here with My Daily Choice!

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Fullscript Supplements

High-end supplements without the high-end price!
Fullscript cares just as much about your Healing Journey as we do.
Each supplement is specially formulated and goes through vigorous testing. No questions as to what's in your supplements either!! If you have allergies or you're just avoiding certain ingredients, this is the source for you!

Click the "Place Order" button to enjoy the

" Friends of Healing Journey" discount!

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