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From Hope to VIBRANT Health

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Alaska Healing Journey

From Hope To VIBRANT Health

Your Healing Journey Is What We Do

Let Us Walk With You

About Alaska Healing Journey
How It All Began
Alaska Healing Journey Inc. was started with one thing in mind; helping others heal naturally.
We've all had friends and family with piles of medicines to no avail and we were convinced there had to be a better way.
Since our founding we have spent countless hours, days, and resources seeking out the best in Alternative Health Care methods.
We have brought all those resources together and offer them to you here.
We are honored to be able to guide you and yours on your individual Healing Journey.

Our Health Coach And Co-Founder

Laura Porhola

An Accountability Partner In Your Corner

Years have been spent seeking out information and training so that we could be here for you on your own Healing Journey. 

After having a stroke in 2008 Laura has been continuously searching for the answers to healing. While being told "accept this, it's as good as it's going to get" by every doctor and therapist she had seen, she didn't give up. Knowing that there was a better life out there, the grace of God brought her from one book to the next and finally to Dr. Denton who has helped her put some final pieces together on healing. In February of 2021 Laura received her Health Coaching Certificate from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Now she works under the supervision of an incredible Alternative Medicine Doctor with over 40 years of experience in the Emergency and Alternative Medicine fields. With a team like that, you can't lose! Learn More About Dr. Sandra Denton Here.

Your health, nutrition and growth path is our specialty and we take pride in listening to your needs and helping overcome challenges and obstacles that stand between you and your goals.


Whether it's a simple change or a huge hurdle, or a simple change that feels like a huge hurdle.  With beautiful baby steps, we are here to guide you through the process and discover the VIBRANT you that you were meant to be.

>>>To book an appointment, text or call Laura at 907-854-2887>>>

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Alaska Healing Journey

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We look forward to walking with you!

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