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Locally Sourced!

Alaska is BIG!! This was quite a project but we wanted to make it easier for you to stay as local as possible! 

The benefits of eating local are outstanding!

We have personally spoken with each of these local providers of deliciousness and their commitment to their customer base is beyond measure!

If we've missed important businesses, please let us know!!

Local Meat Options

Knife Sharpen

Butcher Block No. 9

Named after their 9 kids, this family owned  and operated butcher store offers the best local meats available in the state! 

The best customer service available!!

They even sell buffalo and elk!! One of our favorite places!

Located in South Anchorage, in the strip mall across from the ice arena at

11108 Old Seward Hwy, Unit 3, Anchorage, AK 99515.

Their original location, called Mat Valley Meats, is located at

6175 E Mountain Heather Way, Palmer, AK 99645.

They have the option to order online and have it delivered as well!

Here's there website for more info!

Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company was established by a 3rd generation Alaskan Fisherman. They believe in fresh, sustainable, local food and they deliver, literally!

This is a subscription service. You select your favorite box and how often you'd like to restock, then it is delivered to your door!

The fish is straight from the ice cold Alaskan waters and is handled with love and care! Wonderful food and wonderful service! They've got our vote!

Check Them Out Here!


Local Produce

When we started this project we did not realize how many options there are for locally sourced produce!

It looks like they're ripe for the pickin'!

Below you'll find the short list but we encourage you to do further research and let us know about your favorite local growers!


Johnny's Produce


​ Johnny is a 2nd generation grocer and his family owned and operated market brings some of Alaska's finest to 2 centralized locations.

One at

1721 E Dowling Road, 907-771-4018

The other is Downtown at

718 K Street, 907-644-3001

The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is so welcoming at both locations! Both stores have a café and smoothie stand with delicious drinks!

You can visit their website here!

Fresh Produce
Fresh Vegetables

Artic Harvest AK

Artic Harvest has joined several Alaskan farms together to provide a wonderful and highly necessary service to Alaska! A locally sourced produce subscription and grocery delivery service!

There are a couple options available with Artic Harvest; you can order fresh, locally sourced fruits, vegetables and products through their website or you can choose to buy a Farm Share.

A Farm Share is similar to buying a subscription. You pay annually and have fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your door or pick-up site. They do have size options available or different needs!

Check out their website here!

Blue Market.png

Blue Market AK is a revolutionary and old world shopping experience! Walking in the door is like taking a step back to a simpler time when we would go to the grocer fill our handheld baskets or refill our containers with what we would need for the week and take it home.

Not only is the store well laid out but it is also well thought out! You can find everything you need for your home, all local and eco-friendly, along with ready to use, pre-sanitized reusable containers! From organic, homemade lotions and body products to farm fresh veggies, meat, dairy, herbs and grains, even gourmet chocolates! Blue Market AK has it all!

Located on 31st, off Minnesota in Anchorage and well worth the trip!

1406 W 31st Ave, Anchorage, AK 99503


Here's There Link!


Farm Fresh Produce

Farm 779 Fermented Foods

Farm779 is a working peony farm and apiary located on Lazy Mountain just outside of Palmer Alaska. Fermented foods were introduced in 2012 as a complementary therapy option for a personal friend at the end stages of cancer treatment. Coconut Kefir and Rosemary Magnesium Balm were the initial offerings.  Over the years we have expanded our product lines to include our signature Peony Root Kombucha Tea and a full line of Remple Farm Certified Organic krauts and vegetable blends. We choose Remple Farm as we fully trust the growing practices to be pristine and nutrient dense.  
Providing nutrient dense immune system support is what we do.  We also offer true human connection as a direct to consumer permitted business in Anchorage and the MatSu valley.  If you are healing we want to be on your team.  Available on Wednesday afternoons from 3-5PM at Sol Vitality in Wasilla and Saturdays at BlueMarketAK in the parking lot at 12 noon.  Check our facebook page "events tab" for additional popups, meetups and classes.  

Checkout their official FB page

Locally sourced (1) - Edited.png
Home Grown Vegetables

Produce Subscriptions
And Other Resources

We were blown away by the sheer number of options available for local produce in Alaska! We can't list them all here but we did find some websites that did make the attempt and we can list those and some of our honorable mentions here!

You can also find a directory of Alaskan Companies for other services here!

Local Grains

Alaska Flour Company

Alaska Flour Company is based out of Delta Junction, Alaska and is run by 3 generations of Alaskan Grain Farmers. Their goals are to provide the best in local healthy grains possible and we are here for that!

Their website features all-natural biscuit, cereal and brownie mixes along with fresh, stone-ground barley flour! You'll also find a wealth of knowledge about barley on their website! Tasty, healthy food and education! Who could ask for more?!

Check Them Out Here!

Barley Grains
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